June 7, 2020


Announcements and Check-In


Opening of Worship                                                                             


Call to Worship

L: Sovereign God, how majestic is your name in all the earth.

You created plants, trees and water that nurture and nourish

P: And you declared it very good!

L: You created fish, birds and mammals in a perfect balance

P: And you declared it very good!

L: You created us in the diversity of your image

P: And you declared it very good!

L: You breathed your breath into all of creation

P: And, indeed, it is very good! 


Hymn                                       “All Things Bright and Beautiful”                             UMM #147              


Prayer of Confession

God of justice and peace,

we know that you created us in the diversity of your image but still we refuse to see you reflected in the face of our neighbor who lacks adequate health care, experiences hunger, doesn’t have a home.

We don’t see your image in the face of our neighbor who has a different skin tone, worships in a different tradition, speaks in a language we don’t understand.

Forgive us for lashing out from our sense of scarcity and greed, ignorance and fear.

Turn us around to be peacemakers and justice builders, recognizing the abundance and balance of your garden.

(Hold silence)

Assurance and Pardon

One: Paul writes to the church in Corinth, “agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.” In our faithfulness, we know that Jesus forgives us and guides us back to the garden path.
ALL: Thank you God, Amen!


Scripture                                       Genesis 1:1-2:4a                                     


Message                                              It Is Good                                     Rev. Kelly J. Smith


Affirmation of Faith                      Our Social Creed

We believe in God, Creator of the world; and in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of creation. We believe in the Holy Spirit, through whom we acknowledge God’s gifts, and we repent of our sin in misusing these gifts to idolatrous ends.

We affirm the natural world as God’s handiwork and dedicate ourselves to its preservation, enhancement, and faithful use by humankind.

We joyfully receive for ourselves and others the blessings of community, sexuality, marriage, and the family.

We commit ourselves to the rights of men, women, children, youth, young adults, the aging, and people with disabilities; to improvement of the quality of life; and to the rights and dignity of all persons.

We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the glory of God and the good of themselves and others and in the protection of their welfare in so doing; in the rights to property as a trust from God, collective bargaining, and responsible consumption; and in the elimination of economic and social distress.

We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the world, to the rule of justice and law among nations, and to individual freedom for all people of the world.

We believe in the present and final triumph of God’s Word in human affairs and gladly accept our commission to manifest the life of the gospel in the world. Amen.


Silent Prayer/Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer


Invitation to Give


Doxology for Peace

Praise God all peoples of the earth,

Praise God for the great gift of birth,

Praise God who rules the nation still,

God, bend them to your perfect will.


Praise God the creator of all,

Peoples and nations great and small,

Praise God who maketh wars to cease,

God, lead us in the paths of peace.






June Mission Opportunity

JEREMIAH’S PLACE, Pittsburgh’s only crisis nursery,
provides emergency care for children ages 0-6 for a few hours or a few days based on the needs of the family. Our primary focus at Jeremiah’s place is to keep children safe and to provide a safe and supportive solution for families in need. Jeremiah’s Place is conveniently located in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh and is staffed by trauma informed caregivers and socials workers. All services provided by Jeremiah’s Place are free, available 24 hours a day, and most importantly, judgment free.

To support this mission opportunity, make your check payable to MAUMC and write “June Mission” in the memo line or on your envelope and mail to the church office.
You may also make your donation with PayPal, put Jeremiah's Place in instructions. 
You can also visit their website to make a donation directly to them.



Every Sunday Morning at 11:15 AM

Meeting ID: 503 573 596

Password: 337851

From Your Phone (312)626-6799