June 28, 2020


Announcements and Check-In                                                                 Rev. Dai Morgan


Opening of Worship                                                                             


Call to Worship

Brothers and sisters, boys and girls—

come and worship!

Even if you’re tired and worn out—

come and worship!

Lay down the heavy things you are carrying—

come and worship!

Listen to what Jesus wants to tell you—

come and worship!

See if you can discover how Jesus wants to use you—

come and worship!

For Jesus is humble and gentle,

and he will give us everything we need to follow him.


Hymn                                        “Come Christians Join to Sing”            



Miraculous God,

come to us now, even as your Son came to those first disciples on the shores of Galilee.

Speak your peace to our hearts.

Touch us with your Holy Spirit.

Reveal your word, that we may hear your message this day, and live as your disciples in the days and years to come.

In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.


Scripture                                   Matthew 13:33        


Message                                      Transitions and Us                                Rev. Scott Berkley


Prayer Hymn                          “Near to the Heart of God”


Silent Prayer/Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer


Invitation to Give






June Mission Opportunity

JEREMIAH’S PLACE, Pittsburgh’s only crisis nursery,
provides emergency care for children ages 0-6 for a few hours or a few days based on the needs of the family. Our primary focus at Jeremiah’s place is to keep children safe and to provide a safe and supportive solution for families in need. Jeremiah’s Place is conveniently located in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh and is staffed by trauma informed caregivers and socials workers. All services provided by Jeremiah’s Place are free, available 24 hours a day, and most importantly, judgment free.

To support this mission opportunity, make your check payable to MAUMC and write “June Mission” in the memo line or on your envelope and mail to the church office.
You may also make your donation with PayPal, put Jeremiah's Place in instructions. 
You can also visit their website to make a donation directly to them.



Every Sunday Morning at 11:15 AM


Meeting ID: 412 731 2511

Password: 123456


From your phone (312) 626-6799