Our goal is to be a welcoming and inclusive church for all people.




905 Mifflin Avenue


Pastor: Rev. Kelly Smith





- Gathering into worship - 


*Those that are able are invited to stand


Welcome and Announcements


*Call to Worship                                                                                              

One:  We enter this place with thanksgiving because we know that the Lord to whom we belong is our Shepherd and our King
All:  We rejoice over the steadfast love and faithfulness of God enduring forever—to all generations.
One:  Come, let us worship God with praise and joy and with thanksgiving in our hearts.


*Hymn                                  “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”                                UMH #89


*Opening Prayer

We worship you, O God, with joyful noise - with words of praise and adoration spoken and sung in the name of Jesus who brought your love song to us in person.  In harmony with you, he puts new words in our mouths and new intentions in our hearts, especially a new understanding of power.  Power shaped by love and righteousness, justice and mercy.  We now know that power is not to be used to exploit or dominate, but to serve others as willingly as Jesus did.  His life and death demonstrated how the love of power could be transformed by the power of love.  We gather here today to celebrate your rule of love in our hearts as we experience it in Jesus and through the enabling gift of your Spirit.  This we pray in the name of Jesus, our Servant King.  Amen.




- Reflecting on God’s word –


*Kids Song                                          “Stop and Go”                                              *See Screen


Children’s Sermon                                                                                     Pastor Dai Morgan                                                                     


Scripture                                                                                                                         Psalm 100


Sermon                                       A Living Hallelujah                                 Pastor Kelly


Hymn                                                 “Lord, Be Glorified”                                     TFWS #2150


Silent Prayer / Pastoral Prayer / Lord’s Prayer

(You are invited to share your prayer concerns by writing them on the Prayer Request cards and placing them in the offering plate.)


- Blessings to share –


Celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion


Prayer of Thanksgiving


Offering Our Gifts and Tithes


-Responding to God’s Word-



*Hymn                                    “To God Be the Glory”                                           UMH #98




*Chorus                                   “To God Be the Glory” (Refrain)                        UMH #98  





Join us immediately after worship for PIZZA WITH THE PASTOR.

During lunch, Pastor Kelly would love to hear your thoughts (both concerns and excitement) about a future merger with South Avenue UMC.





South Avenue and Mifflin Avenue Churches make up the WILKINSBURG CHARGE. 

Not only do we “share” Pastor Kelly, we work together to do ministry in our community and with each other.

South Avenue Church worships Sundays at 10am

Mifflin Avenue worships Sundays at 11:15am

Folks are encouraged to attend whichever worship service is most convenient for them.














March 1, 2020