June Mission Project

Shepherd Wellness


Our Mission
Shepherd Wellness Community is a safe, supportive community empowering people affected by HIV/AIDS to live with dignity.

What We Do 
Shepherd Wellness Community is the only AIDS Community Center in western Pennsylvania and the only AIDS community serving the 11-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania. SWC is often the first place a person seeks help after an HIV positive diagnosis.  Since its inception in 1987, Shepherd Wellness Community has offered supportive services for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.


4 Replies to “June Mission Project”

  1. Received your letter about reconciliation and would like to know what is the LGBTQ community?
    I havn’t been able to attend Mifflin Ave. for some time but do when I get to PGH area.
    I am always interested in the happenings at Mifflin Ave., as it was my church for many years, and I still feel very close to the churchand the friends that i have there.
    Thank you for the information ,
    Ethel Winwood Barry

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